Helping the people of Sudan with a mission focus on education, humanitarian and fact finding initiatives. SUCOMM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Sudanese refugees (and other African refugees). SUCOMM has been active for 4 years, incorporated in August of 2010 and recognized as a 501c3 in 2012. We are based in Greensboro, NC and have staff and operation offices across the United States and Africa. We offer programs for Sudanese refugees and the local Sudanese community, with a focus on issues of women, youth, and elders. The leaders of the organization have previous experience helping the Sudanese diaspora, and they work with local volunteers to reach our goals. The organization regularly hosts events and programs crucial to the Sudanese community, as well as functions that act as the charitable repository for contributions to better Sudan. We also speak on behalf of the Sudanese refugees in camps especially in Eastern Chad, Kenya and Uganda organizing shipments and needed goods and services. The organization holds, facilitates and participates in social justice, peace and reconciliation events for Sudan.