How To Help

Talking with people in N'djamena and in the refugee camps of Eastern Chad, one of the things we heard repeated quite often was “Please send books to help us with our schools“. With the help of some concerned citizens and Books for Africa we were able to get this done. By sending a 40 foot container filled with tens of thousands of books!

This Video Is A Summary Of The Project

The books left in June 07 and got to N'djamena around November 07.
From there, friends of Google Darfur, as well as partnering supporters from the UN and the US Embassy in Chad, helped to circulate the books throughout the country.

To date, 2 additional shipments have been sent, bringing the total to about 120,000 books!

This would not have been possible without a lot of hard work from a lot of caring people.
Books for Africa was also very instrumental and they continue do great work by sending books all across the African continent.

Help Books For Africa continue their awesome work. Click the link below where you can learn more and donate books or money, thank you.

Books For Africa Website