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Fight Tyranny And Save Earth
Imagine a world where energy alternatives like thermal, solar and wind were the exclusive sources of our energy supplies. A world where pollution from fossil fuels was no longer a concern. Can you imagine how much higher the quality of life for people around the world would be? Abundant clean energy that would not only help in creating cleaner air for us to breathe but it would also help by creating cleaner water for us to drink. With thermal, solar and wind technology we could supply energy to the entire planet without the imminent danger of destroying our health or our planet. Cars would feed off of an electric grid that would be supplied with clean energy and being a prisoner to an antiquated energy supply, dealing with oil and gas tyrants who commit crimes against humanity, would be no more. That is a HUGE PLUS!

Over the years we have seen situations like Darfur, where oil played a huge factor in the Sudanese government being able to purchase large amounts of weapons from countries like China whose only interest in selling weapons to Sudan was and still is to keep a source of energy flowing in their direction. Over those same years the international community watched how those weapons were used by the government against the unarmed civilians of Darfur. Either by arming the Janjaweed militias or by blatant attack from government planes, helicopters and ground forces. Around the world tyrants are made more dangerous and more lethal because of the worlds use of oil. To be clear, there is no doubt that tyrants existed before oil but oil makes them rich and the way they use that wealth results in some of the cruelest things imaginable. So while there will still be tyrants after oil, the elimination of our use of it will result in destroying an opportunity for one dangerous source of energy to become so primary and so mandatory that crimes like mass rape and genocide are ignored in the name of "national security interests".

In the case of Darfur, China used their veto power in the United Nations as leverage for the Sudanese government. Had there been no oil interests for China they would not have been such an enabler for mass murder. As for the United States, it only takes one word for the entire world, "Iraq". These sources of energy have too high of a humanitarian, environmental and financial cost joined to them. Can you imagine what we could have avoided just in the last 10 years if we used clean energy instead of dirty energy? Can you imagine what we will avoid if we make the switch now?

Americans should be at the forefront of clean energy technologies. Instead we are behind almost everyone else. Our car companies placed their bets where they did and where did that get them? Bankruptcy, and that is where this whole planet is headed if we do not stand up to companies like PetroChina, Exxon Mobil, BP, Total, Chevron and every other company that continues to bet against humanity and the planet in the interest of record profits and world domination of energy. These companies will stop at nothing at slowing our country and our planets move to clean energy. So in the interest of all that makes humanity beautiful and all that makes life worth living we must stand fast against institutions that would gamble with our lives and our very existence so carelessly.

Our obvious choice is the abolishment of dirty energy. It will not solve all our problems but its a real big step in the right direction. You have to imagine a better world, believe it can be ours and then let nothing stop you from making it so.

Peace Truth And Love,
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